Perfect mask in premium plus for tightening the jaw area avajar

10.87 USD


It provides a powerful skin tightening effect while reducing fine lines and signs of wrinkles.


Flexible texture, suitable for all skin types

Contains a combination of glucin, which works to soften the skin

A hydrogel mask with a soothing effect that glides on the skin easily

It gives a soothing effect to the skin with excellent strong absorption of active ingredients.

It is tested on sensitive skin.

- Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen. Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen to enhance the freshness and hydration of the skin.


Remove the mask and protective film from the packaging.

Extend each side and place the mask in the center of the chin.

Slowly hold each mask on each ear.

Adjust the mask around your face and hold it for 1-2 hours.

- Remove the mask and massage until completely absorbed.

  • 10.87 USD

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